Minutes – September 2016

Minutes of the FCW Business Meeting on September  24, 2016

Start: 3:00

Members Present:  Bob, Brandon, Colin, Gene, Rich, Kay, Michelle

Members Absent: Adam, Warren, Jim, Jared., Ernesto, John H., Lisa, Mike, Matt, Paul, Zac, Josh, Dan,  Dave, Alex, Brad B., Bob. Bradley O., Derek, John M. , Ross, Andy, Shannon, Meg, Perry K., Bruce,

Guests Present:  Tom

Treasurer’s Report:

Total Funds; $15,768  Note: includes grant funds which are restricted, funds encumbered for particular purposes, and reserve funds.

Old Business:

  • Classes:
    • Woodturning – Tim Simmons from local wood-turning club is interested. We need firm head count of those interested.
    • Raspberry Pi – Intro class needed – Michelle
    • Arduino – possible 2nd class- Michelle
    • SCHS – students will have a soldering and robotics classes
    • Ham radio tech class – some interest
    • Networking-
      • Protocols- Michelle
      • Windows setup – TBA
    • Projects
      • Ramp – looking at purchasing a modular ramp.
      • Small laser cutter – need safety switch, filter
      • A/C – waiting for Tony to get the tubing and mounts.
      • Amateur Radio –
        • Dipole is being installed
        • Butternut has been damaged.
      • Surplus – members need to go through possible surplus equipment .
  • PR
    • Open House – Dec – more details to follow
    • Possible Advertising
      • Lenoir Radio Stations – need to contact
    • Barnes & Nobel – MakerFaire – mid November
    • Charlotte Mini-Makerfaire:  Need helpers.
    • NC Non-profits Conference: Michelle attended – several ideas about PR.

New Business:

  • Linux Users Group – Michael Probst is asking FCW to assist with setting up a local Linux/Unix users group.
  • Soldering Stations – will be ordered soon.
  • Nation of Makers – national association to represent hackerspaces and makerspaces.  Colin and Michelle are gathering information.

Adjourn: 4:00

A Hackerspace/Makerspace for the NC Foothills