Activity: Training & Classes

Part of FCW’s mission is to help people learn new skills.  To that end, classes and training sessions are offered in various topics.

In general:

    • FCW is NOT a school.  We do not offer degrees, certificates, or diplomas.  However, a letter of completion can be given if requested.
    • FCW can not handle large groups.  Our limit is around 20.  If a custom class for a large group is needed, consult a local community college.
    • Along that same thought, there is no minimum number.  We frequently work one-on-one.
    • Many of our sessions are Open-ended, in that there may be multiple sessions scheduled for a topic.
    • There is no fixed schedule.  Classes/training is usually offered due to requests,
    • With few exceptions, classes are open to the public; however, members get first choice.
    • With few exceptions, classes are free, with possibly a materials charge.
    • With enough notice, we can petition to allow official CEUs for a class.  Contact the board for details.



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