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  1. Hi there,

    Do you have open house events on the weekend? I live in Charlotte so weekends are my only option.

    Also, do you have any tools that work with aluminum or stainless? I want to cnc mill or laser cut/water jet cut some metal parts.


    1. Hi Alec! As a junior/provisional member I wanted to be first. No water cutting machine. Yes laser cutter and cnc. Unsure if metal can be cut on the cnc machine, but I know due to the refractive qualities on our laser cutter metal is a no-no.

      I welcome you to come any saturday! Someone is always in the shop by 3 pm, often times by 1-2 pm (and sometimes earlier).

      Sorry for the short reply, but the captcha expires sorta fast.

      REALLY close to the FCW if you get here before 2 pm is al’s burgers and you get a fred-flinstone sized burger for like 3-4 bucks.

      The people at FCW are REALLY nice folks!

      Would love to have you visit!

  2. I am learning more about maker space movements. I would like to visit when you have an open house or sometime when I could look around and see what all you have going on.

    We live in King and are staying up to speed with the Mixxer group in Winston

    Zollie Smith

    1. FCW is having an open house on May 22 5-9PM and May 23 10AM-6PM. Visitors are also welcome at any meeting. Call for a tour at other times.

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