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  1. Hi there,

    Do you have open house events on the weekend? I live in Charlotte so weekends are my only option.

    Also, do you have any tools that work with aluminum or stainless? I want to cnc mill or laser cut/water jet cut some metal parts.


    1. Hi Alec! As a junior/provisional member I wanted to be first. No water cutting machine. Yes laser cutter and cnc. Unsure if metal can be cut on the cnc machine, but I know due to the refractive qualities on our laser cutter metal is a no-no.

      I welcome you to come any saturday! Someone is always in the shop by 3 pm, often times by 1-2 pm (and sometimes earlier).

      Sorry for the short reply, but the captcha expires sorta fast.

      REALLY close to the FCW if you get here before 2 pm is al’s burgers and you get a fred-flinstone sized burger for like 3-4 bucks.

      The people at FCW are REALLY nice folks!

      Would love to have you visit!

  2. I am learning more about maker space movements. I would like to visit when you have an open house or sometime when I could look around and see what all you have going on.

    We live in King and are staying up to speed with the Mixxer group in Winston

    Zollie Smith

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