Special Interest Groups

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Vintage Computers

The purpose of this SIC is  to preserve and restore vintage computer technology.  Starting at the moment with micro-computers.  This also includes accessories, software, and documentation for the machines.

The eventual goal is to establish a permanent “museum” type display of computer history.  Additional electronics technology will be added as time permits.  Donations may be made through FCW and designated for the Computer Museum.  We are especially interested in unusual processors (eg Alpha, Itanium, Hppa) or less common machines..  Hardware may be donated, leased, or loaned to the group.

Ham Radio – K4FCW

K4FCW is the FCW Amateur Radio station.  This SIG is for anyone interested in Ham Radio, whether or not they  have a license.  Topics include station setup, operation, contesting, building and repairing equipment, restoring vintage radios, and antennas.    License classes will be conducted or a one-on-one technique can help someone obtain a license.


This SIG is for anyone interested in robots and automation.  This includes the electrical,  mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems; robot construction, control, programming, and construction.


This SIG concentrates on Internet of Things projects.  It is primarily an electronics and programming group.


This SIG covers the areas needed for Cosplay, Steampunk, and Stagecraft.  The areas of interest include costumes, props, sets, special effects, artistic design, sound, lighting, and video.

Android Development

This is a Google Development Group for Android development.  The group is currently being organized.  Meetings are the currently the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30 at FCW.  Coordinator is Virginia K.


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