Minutes – August 2016

Minutes of the FCW Annual Meeting on August  27, 2016

Start: 3:00

Members Present:  Ross, Dan, Michelle, Colin, Rich, Bruce, Bob, Perry K., Kay, Gene, Dave

Members Absent: Adam, Warren, Jim, Jared., Ernesto, John H., Lisa, Mike, Brandon, Josh, Alex, Brad B.,  Bradley O., Derek, John M. , Andy, Shannon, Meg, Pete

Treasurer’s Report:

Bruce is handing the Treasurer function in the near term subject to the results of the FCW election.  Bradley will be relocating and is resigning his board position.  FCW thanks Bradley for his service.

Old Business:

  • Classes:
    • Woodturning – Sharpening fixture has been fabricated.
    • Raspberry Pi – Intro class – Michelle
    • Arduino – followup class; additional intro class
    • Networking-
      • Protocols- Michelle
      • Windows setup – need instructor
    • Projects
      • A/C need tubing and mount for outside unit.
      • Amateur Radio – Butternut suffered storm damage, the cable is suspect.
      • Wiring – conduit for A/C is partially complete
      • Ramp – Possible purchase on-line, need donations.
  •  Events and PR
    • Open House –  December
    • Possible cookout – Fall
    • Pride – Discovery Place Sep 17, Catawba Valley Science Center
    • Mini-Makerfaire – Charlotte Discovery Place – Oct 8
    • Possible Advertising
      • Lenoir Radio Stations – need to contact

New Business:

  • Visitors packet
  • Members Packet
  • FCW elections
    • Ballot:  Brandon, Bruce, Derek, Michelle, Rich, Ross
    • Results: Elected: Brandon, Bruce, Michelle, Ross, (Colin incumbent).

Adjourn: 3:50

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