Minutes – July 28, 2018

Minutes of the FCW Business Meeting on July 28,2018

Start: 3:00

Members attending: Rich, Colin, Gene, Mitch M., Ron, Michelle, Bruce, Wole

Guest: Gary Schwartz


  • Unencumbered: $265
  • Need 35 full members to “break even”

Old Business:

  • Rental Agreement: tabled until after January 2019 due to tax questions.
  • Electrical:
    • Top floor West wall in classroom and science is complete.
    • Conduit is being run to the CNC router (240V)
  • Kitchen and Science: Need estimate on Gas taps.
  • Electronics: Waiting on HDMI cables for Raspberry Pi’s.
  • K4FCW:
    • Better bench was obtained by Bruce.
    • GAP antenna is operational.
    • Ground system under construction.
  • Events:
    • July 13-14, Blackberry festival – Gene, Mitch, Bruce, Michelle, Robert attended. Friday was a “bit sparse”. Saturday saw a steady flow of visitors. Much interest was shown in FCW.
    • CCC&TI LRC staff visited FCW. They have a tiny makerspace and want ideas and collaboration.

New Business:

  • 3D-Printers: the printers have arrives and work nicely. Brandon and Michelle are working on class for school teachers. Brad is working on transport cart.
  • Proposal: Gene has offered to purchase all the HO scale railroad items from FCW at current market rate, then lease the railroad back to FCW. Benefits will be a funds boost to FCW and ease maintaining the inventory of the railroad.


Gary Schwartz, from the Lenoir Amateur Radio Club presented a proposal to set up a remote station at K4FCW. This radio could be used by computers and phones for those unable to set up an HF station locally.

End: 4:15

A Hackerspace/Makerspace for the NC Foothills