Minutes – May 2019

Minutes of the FCW Business Meeting of May 25, 2019

Start: 3:00 PM

Members Attending: Rich, Colin, Michelle, Bruce, Gene, Robert

Minutes from March-2018 Board Meeting – Approved (Robert/Bruce)

Financial :

  • Spreadsheet still being cleaned up.

  • Still need more income.

  • Membership list on spreadsheet close to current.


  • Area Clean-Up: Looking for a volunteer

  • Wood Shop: Need team lead – maybe Guy.

  • Train Room:

    • O-Gage side – all outlets operational.

    • Lights – Open neutral, being traced.

  • Project List: Need list of projects, needs, and volunteers.

Other business:

  • New FCW location:

    • Request for Comments for 6 weeks.

    • Most tenants are satisfied with the offer.

    • Minor possibility of not having to move.

  • Activities:

    • June 8-11– Patterson Science Center will be using 3d Printers.

    • June 14-16 – Southeast Linuxfest, Charlotte – FCW will participate all three days.

    • June 22-23 – Ham Radio Field Day

  • Tides Grant: Computers being configured (Michelle, Oscar, Jeff)

  • Ham Radio Class: May schedule for late July or early Aug.

  • Large Laser Cutter: Low priority at this time.

  • Repairs needed to fix roof leak: Colin and Robert will patch.

  • Google for non-profits: Operational. Need some instruction.

  • Raspberry PI Classes: to be scheduled after computers are operational

Adjourn: 4:00

A Hackerspace/Makerspace for the NC Foothills