Minutes – July 2019

Minutes of the FCW Business Meeting of July 6 2019

Start: 3:00 PM

Attending: Colin, Rich, Bruce, Brandon, Robert, Michelle

Minutes: from May approved (Rich/Brandon)


  • Need dues caught up
  • Approved potential payment for 990 (<= $400 (Michelle/Bruce ))


  • Roof Leaks:
    • Leaks appear to be patched.
    • Computer museum to be temporarily moved to elevator area.
  • CNC Router
    • Work being done to level router and flatten bed.
    • Rich and Mitch to offer class, contact via email.
  • Woodshop:
    • Minor progress.
    • UTC may donate some workbenches.
  • Railroad:
    • HO side wiring complete.
    • Lights complete except for moving led lights over door.
    • Benches for HO side started.
  • Ham Radio: Butternut being evaluated.
  • Area Cleanup: Use upper bay of outbuilding for trash.

Membership Growth:

  • Need to add activities to attract new members.
  • Need some regular scheduled activities.
  • Retro-Gaming Evening: Brandon to take the lead.
  • Group Activities: Need small items made to give away.

External Activities:

  • CV Pride – Hickory Salt Block – Sept 21
  • Klinspor show – Hickory, late October
  • Possible FCW cookout in September.


  • Gsuite:
    • Available for all members.
    • Need overview session.
  • 3d Printers:
    • Need session on designing 3d printable parts.
    • Patterson Science Center will be using the printers in August.
  • Ham Radio: Need additional Tech Class, General/Extra Class


  • Next meeting.
  • Michelle to get nominations and prepare ballots.

New Location:

  • FCW may have to relocate due to 321A widening.
  • Currently looking at buildings.
  • Best location – Granite, Sawmills, Hudson
  • Need to be in Caldwell Co.
  • Prefer “move in” ready.

Bylaws Update: Michelle and Colin will work on proposal.

Adjourn: 4:10

A Hackerspace/Makerspace for the NC Foothills