Area: Science Lab

The Science Area is set up for the Natural and Applied Sciences — Primarily Chemistry, Physics, Biology and associated support.  When complete, it can also serve as a darkroom.

Current equipment includes:

  • A 3′ laminar flow biological hood
  • A 5′ chemical hood with external exhaust
  • Tables for 8 students
  • A static force table
  • 2 High Temp (2000 deg) ovens
  • A drying oven
  • An autoclave
  • 2 toaster ovens
  • A large curing oven
  • A vibrating biological incubator
  • A Binocular biological slide microscope
  • A Binocular dissection/inspection microscope
  • A centrifuge
  • A micro-centrifuge
  • A Spectronic 20 UV/Visible spectrometer
  • A mobile chemistry teaching table
  • A computer and projector
  • Several vacuum pumps
  • 2 Hotplates
  • A magnetic stirrer
  • A dry erase board
  • A ball mill

A Donated Scanning Electron Microscope is currently being rebuilt and hopefully will be available.  Chemicals and supplies are being purchased as needed.

The science area is available for anyone interested in the Sciences — students, home schooled students, teachers, and the public.  The main restriction is everything must be legal.  It can also double as a second, smaller classroom.



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