Minutes: January 2018

FCW Business Meeting on Jan. 27, 2018 Summary

Attending:  Colin, Bruce, Gene, Rich, Lee, Michelle, Mitch M., Robert, Kay, Lisa, Brandon

  1. Financial Report & Related topics:

    • Account Status – Balances & CommitmentsThere is approx $6000 unencumbered funds available

    • Membership dues. Are we up-to-date? Identify members who are behind in their dues and by how much. Plan to follow up with payment of outstanding dues.Bruce and Colin will follow up

    • Budget for known expenses. Let’s identify recurring expenses and set aside funds to cover these expenses. Consider holding back sufficient funds such that we have sufficient funds to cover these expenses for at least six months on a rolling basis.Agreed to 4 months @ approx $1000/month.

    • Discuss Mitch proposal for renting storage facility. Private discussion with details to be worked out.

  2. Activities:

    • Minutes: Michelle to publish minutes of this meeting and store for easy access by membership. May want to consider what detailed financial information (late dues by member // rental contract etc) should be limited for board consumption only. General financial summaries OK.Website is fixed.  Minutes/Summaries can be found under About/Minutes

    • Projects: (not in any particular order)

  • Electrical wiring: Michelle – what’s needed, and in what order, should work be done. Suggest prioritizing effort in are that will attract most members first. Wood and machine shop, railroad room and ham radio. How to the required electrical upgrades square with available funding to undertake the work?

Ron Gray will install the transformer.  $2500 allocated to get electrical supplies for lower floor (woodshop and railroad).  Mitch will pick up.

  • Train Room: Outline what has to be done to complete the task and who is taking the lead from here on. What has it cost us to date and what are the estimated remaining costs to complete the project?

Mitch is building.  Air filter has arrived.

  • Railroad equipment – Colin / Gene to contact Mayor Bailey to set up appointment to review equipment offered by the town.
  • Woodworking area. Summarize equipment on hand and identify activities needed to set up woodshop. Rich to update progress on woodworking CNC router.

Warren’s friend, Marty is donating several pieces of equipment.

  • Machine shop. Summarize equipment etc and plans to get up and running.

This will require sprinklers to be installed before machinery is set up.  Estimate is pending.

  • Science lab:
    Equipment replaced so far: both centrifuges,  drying oven (needs repair), recirculating hood, biological microscope.  An electron microscope has been obtained and will be picked up.

  • Computer Museum: Any particular equipment needed for the museum. I have a fully working Apple IIe computer, Apple Image writer, external drives, and x-y plotter that I would consider providing the museum.

Ben and Derek are setting up

  • Arts & Crafts:

A small metal lathe has been obtained.  The lasersaur will be given to us. We have to arrange pickup.  Still looking for parts for the small laser cutters.

Kitchen area

On hold for now

  • Class room

Monitors have been ordered.

Classroom and Science areas are currently being used by the Catawba Valley Robotics Club — Alex is coordinating.

  1. Upcoming events:

    • Michelle to publish calendar of upcoming events and dates where known and make available on website or other location for easy access to members and potential new members. Items include but not limited to:

  • Classes for members and public. Identify any special needs or supplies that have to be purchased and their cost.

Working on class for RPis.  Requests have been made for Ham Tech class, John Crowe from LARC will teach.

  • Hamfest activates

Catawba Valley Hamfest (Morganton) on April 21

  • Makerfaire and open house activities

Burlington Makerfaire and Gravity Games on April 28.  FCW open house in May.  Considering a cookout in March.

Etiquette: I have noticed some postings on Slack which I believe are inappropriate and which do not engender a harmonious and friendly environment for our members. If arguments lead to a member leaving FCW – then we all lose. Please avoid making contentious comments on Slack and in personal discussions. If there is an honest point of disagreement or contention, let both parties bring it up in a private discussion. Avoid having these discussions “on-line” or where a number of other (non-involved) FCW members or visitors may overhear the points of contention. Stay focused on working towards reaching a positive solution rather than winning an argument.

Any Other Business?

End: 4:10

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