Minutes – May 2018

Minutes of the FCW Business Meeting of May 26, 2018

Start: 3PM

Members Present: Colin, Rich, Mitch, Bruce, Michelle

Financial Report:

  • Unencumbered Balance – $431

  • Recent “one time” expenses;

    • CPA – Taxes -990EZ form – $580

    • Electrical Panel upgrade – $380

    • Mortgage balance – $64123.30

  • Budget for known expenses. Cash flow still a concern but should be helped as energy costs reduce. Stay on top of expenses.

  • Mitch updated proposal for renting storage facility.

Old Business:

  • PR:

    • Growing membership is key for our financial well-being.

    • Open House:

      • Large attendance on Friday, less on Saturday.

      • Confirmed one new member from Open House.

    • Web Site – has some errors that need correcting to reflect current status.

  • Projects:

    • Electrical wiring:

      • Transformer will be done “in house” if Ron can’t install it soon

      • Concentration on classroom (upper floor), and woodshop (lower floor).

    • Train Room: Walls generally rough studded in

    • Woodshop:

      • CNC wood router nearly finished.

      • Grizzly table saw waiting for power.

      • A Harbor Freight wood lathe was purchased.

    • Metal Shoplonger term project.

    • Science lab:

      • Lower priority.

      • Recent acquisitions – tube furnace, analytical balance, hardness tester.

    • Ham Radio-K4FCW:

      • Icom 735 radio added.

      • Two HF radios promised from Flordia, cancelled.

      • Station should be operational by Field Day.

    • Arts & Crafts:

      • Small mill being set up.

      • Small laser cutter has been repaired.

      • Still waiting on 3d printers.

    • Kitchen & Gaming areas – mainly waiting on additional power.

    • Computer museum – on hold pending leak repair.

    • Electronics Lab:

      • Mostly operational – needs some additional power.

      • Two large orders of equipment/supplies arrived from Dallas Makerspace.

    • Classroom:

      • Needs power and network.

      • Can currently handle 10-12 students.

  • Classes/Events:

    • Robotics support class is ongoing on Wednesdays.

    • Ham Radio Technician class being considered for mid-summer.

    • Raspberry Pi classes will be offered after the Pis and accessories arrive.

    • Linuxfest (Charlotte) – June 8-10, FCW has a table.

    • Blackberry Festival – July 13-14 – in Lenoir.  FCW will have a table.

New Business:


There have been problems with in-appropriate member-to-member comments (both verbal and on SLACK). If a member has any problem with another member or suggestions as to how we may be more productive in accomplishing FCW growth, they should bring it before a board member. FCW will not tolerate behavior that is detrimental to our group or causes others to leave FCW. Any member that causes a disruption will be notified (warning) by the Board and if the disruption continues, that member will be asked to leave FCW.

Adourn: 4:15

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