Area: Common – Electronics

The Electronics Shop is part of the Common Area.  It is set up to allow experimentation, design, instruction, and repair in the following electronics fields:

  • Analog electronics – including power supplys, amplifiers, oscillators,  spectrum analyzers, signal generators.
  • Digital Electronics – TTL and CMOS, interface chips, CPLDs, and FPGAs
  • Microcontrollers – PICs, Picaxe, Basic Stamp, AVR, SX, Propeller, 68HCxx, ARMs, DSP
  • Embedded Systems – using Arduino, ST32F4 Discovery, Propeller development, Single board computers, and custom boards
  • Computers – Using Linux, Windows, Android and other OSs, including real time applications, Linux/Unix shell and utilities
  • Networks – Ethernet, TCP/IP, Routers, WiFI, Zigbee, Mesh
  • PLC’s – primarily with Automation Direct equipment, Ladder, Data Flow, Procedural and assembly level programming
  • Computer Languages – C, C++, Python, Basic, Pascal, Spin, Java, Forth, Fortran,  PHP,  Javascript, Lisp, VHDL, Verilog
  • Computer Applications: Blender 3D, Draftsight, Inkscape, Windows, Linux
  • Robotics – Small Autonomous,  RC, CNC control
  • Sensors – Temp, motion, proximity, position, etc.
  • Industrial – Three phase power, Motors and control, relays,
  • Alternate energy – Wind, passive solar, active solar
  • Soldering – manual “thru the hole”, SMD, BGA, Pcb rework

Major equipment available includes:

  • Oscilloscopes: Analog scopes by B&K, Tektronix, HP – 80, 350, 400 MHz;  Digital scope 200Mhz
  • Power Supplies: LV (5, 12, 15, 24V, and adjustible), HV (0-400V), and High Power (0-15V@0-200A supplies) plus numerous small power supplies.
  • Function Generators: 0-2MHz, some with external gating and frequency control, 0-5MHz programmable, 0-1.2GHz RF
  • Meters: DMMs, both bench and handheld, Analog VOMs
  • Circuit Trainers: Elenco trainers containing power supplies, function generator, clock generator, debounced switches, LEDs, and solderless breadboards
  • Digital Trainers: Altera (Terasic) DE2 and CPLD trainers
  • Computers: several desktop and laptop computers with Linux and Windows along with various programming, test, and simulation software.
  • Soldering: Pace PRC 2000 SMD rework station with Thermoflo BGA addon, Semi-Pro Solder Stations – temp controlled, hot air, hot tweeezers, de-soldering.
  • Misc: Logic probes, other meters, Variacs, isolation transformers, etc.

FCW can do training in any of the above topics.





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