ST32F4 class

This February, FCW offered a four week workshop on the ST32F4 Discovery Board from ST Microelectronics. This board contains  a ST32f4 ARM based processor with 1MB flash and 192K RAM.  The board also contains a 3 axis accelerometer, a digital microphone, an audio DAC with class D speaker driver, several LEDs, 2 pushbuttons, and headers to connect to external circuits.  The board can be programmed via its own toolchain or by GCC.

Rich conducted the workshop with six students.  Topics covered included the features of the board,, use of interrupts, accessing the on-board peripherals,and an introduction to C programming.

This board is being used in projects at FCW.  FCW plans to offer additional workshops in various microprocessors including  AVR, ARM, PIC, Picaxe, and Propeller processors.