Open House, Friday 7/12 and Sat. 7/13

Everyone is invited to an FCW open house on Friday, July 12 from 6PM to 9PM and Saturday, July 13, from 10AM to 6PM.

All of the areas will be open for tours. Items include:

In the Tile room:

      The electric chair set from the FCW Fright Night.


      The Cinderella carriage designed and mostly built at FCW for a play at South Caldwell HS.

Kids can have a FREE picture taken of themselves with Cinderella in the carriage.

In the General Area:

      The K4FCW Ham station will be set up for digital modes showing some of the current ways to communicate.

The Electronics area:

        The Eggbot will be drawing on ping-pong balls


        The Stingray robot will be wandering around.


        Various microprocessors and programmers will be on display.

The Mame Arcade machine will be available for gaming.

Classic console games will be available.

A set of Halloween Masks designed and made by Ross will be on display.

Be sure not to step on an iRobot Rooma sweeper that operates in the area

In the Classroom:

      The 3D Printer will be on display. This is a mendlemax device that can produce items out of ABS plastic.

The Network rack will be on display. This is to be used for classes in networking and Cisco training.

FOOD will be available.

In the model shop:

      The railroad will be operating, complete with a Thomas the Train for the kids.


      Scenery making techniques will be on display.


    A demo will be operating showing electro-static buildup.

In the Cave:

      The CNC mill and the lathe will be on display, but shut down due to safety considerations.

The CNC router will be operating creating info cards for visitors.

The remainder of the Woodworking area will be on display.

Tours, Activities, Information, and Food will be available for the duration. A special membership drive will be available — Join and pre-pay for 3 months, get a 4th month free.

The Open House is a FREE event. Invite your friends.