FCW Library Gets New Look

Library-201601-1-smallSince the inception of FCW, we have had a small technical library.  It has been in contained in some old shelves in the common area.  During December, Kay constructed new shelving specifically for the library in the classroom — a more appropriate location.  The new shelves also have considerably more room.  Dan, Rich, Michelle, and Derek, among others, have contributed several books to the library, with more to come.

Topics include:

General Science (Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Biology), Math, Machining, Metallurgy, Ham Radio, Construction, Masonry, Wood Working, Cabinet Making, Wood Turning, Electronics (Fundamentals, Analog, Digital), Microprocessors, Operating Systems, Web Design, Networks, Computers, Security, Programming Languages, Computer Applications, Spoken Languages, Geek Fiction/Non-Fiction, Technical History, several periodicals and other topics of interest to the members.

We are working on organizing the library and developing guidelines for use.