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Recent Woodshop Updates

A lot has been happening with the FCW woodshop lately, primarily in the manual equipment area.  In late Summer, a Slide Miter Saw was donated.Slide-mitersaw-small  A short time later, several members donated money to purchase a wood lathe.  Harbor-freight-wood-lathe-smallThis lathe, along with lathes loaned by Rick, Dave, and Colin, will be used for woodturning classes, and, of course, it will be available for general use by members and guests.  Then, in late September, the opportunity arose to purchase an industrial 20″ bandsaw.  20in-bandsaw-smallAgain, the members came through with funds and, after much grunting and wheezing, the bandsaw arrived.  It needs cleaning, painting and wiring but was tested before purchase and works well.

Finally, in October, a Woodmaster 18″ planer/molder and 18″ drum sander were donated and picked up. Woodmaster-Planer-small Like the bandsaw, they need wiring.  The woodshop crew: Rick, Ross, Kay, Dave, and Gary Woodmaster-sander-smallwill be laying out the shop over the next few weeks so that wiring should begin around Christmas.  Many thanks to all those who donated time, money, equipment and muscle to obtain and move these machines.  They should greatly enhance the capabilities of the woodshop.

New Space Opened

FCW recently acquired some additional space adjacent to the “cave”.    The space consists of two rooms.  One is 20×24 ft and the other 20×20 ft giving a total of 880 sq ft of additional space.  Both rooms are on an outside wall, giving an additional 6 windows for external access.  As seems to be our lot in life, one of the rooms has no power at all and the other has a single circuit that is at least 50 years old.  Also, there is no control over the lights, so one of the first tasks will be to wire the area.

There have been several suggestions as to what to put in the new area including: an extension to the woodshop; the science lab, glass shop and ovens; a prop/costume shop,  a small office; and others.  It will be used for supply and project storage until the wiring and remodeling  occur.

With this space, FCW has averaged an expansion every 13 months, with the initial space Sept. 2011,  storage area Nov. 2012,  Lab Nov 2013, and new space Dec. 2014.  Now it just needs a name.

New Office Floor


Saturday, May 11, FCW installed a new floating floor in the “office” area.  The laminate flooring was furnished by Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and matches the flooring in the Model Shop and Classroom.  Besides making the area look better, the floor should reduce the dust.  This area contains the Ham Radio station (K4FCW), the Electronics Shop,  and the Lounge.  Furniture was re-arranged to create a kitchenette in the alcove.  There is still quite a bit of setup required since everything had to be moved for the floor, but all should be fully usable within a short time.

Cinderella Carriage Nearly Complete

Cinderella Carriage

FCW has been building a carriage for the play “Cinderella” to be given at South Caldwell High School in May. Ross designed the carriage and built a 1/6 model. Then with some help from Warren and Rick, Ross completed the full sized unit. The final finish, painting and decorating will be done by the school drama department, who also paid for the expensive parts.
The carriage has working steering and is capable of being disassembled for storage. It was mainly cut out using a CNC router. FCW will be getting a PR spot in the play brochure.