Industrial Sewing Machine Donated

GE DIGITAL CAMERAFCW is pleased to announce the acquisition of an industrial quality sewing machine.  Donated by Bassett Furniture, the Brother LS-2B891 Stitcher is capable of sewing leather, canvas, upholstery and other heavy materials.  Along with a latex curing oven currently being built, the sewing machine will be a valuable addition to the Prop/Costume shop being set up in a portion of the latest space expansion.

FCW has a history with theater, having previously built a full size Cinderella carriage for the play at SCHS, a boat for Willy Wonka and Cart of the Dead for Spamalot for a community theater.  Prop-master Ross also makes masks and costumes.

The area is currently being wired and hopefully be active within a few weeks.GE DIGITAL CAMERA

2 thoughts on “Industrial Sewing Machine Donated”

  1. The inventions of “Brothers company” are really amazing. Their “Brother LS-2B891” Sewing machine is largely helpful and beneficiary for the users.

  2. Hi,
    Bassett Furniture donates to FCW a very useful Sewing machine. I know it can sew all kinds of materials. I know it is a very, very good Sewing machine.

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